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South Western Great Dane club Open show 28/01/24

I would like to thank the committee for the opportunity to judge at their annual open show,also to all the exhibitors for allowing me to go over some beautiful Danes, I’d also like to add that Danes as a rule have 4 feet, so when cutting nails could all 4 feet be done instead of just the fronts. 

MPD No entry

PD, 2, 1a

1st Palmer Adoreadane Charlton, 

9 mth beautifully marked harli, nice dark eyes with a soft expression with correct ear set, head planes good, correct bite good length of neck into correct shoulders and a nice front- good spring of rib for his age- good angles both front and rear, nice tight toes too, moved with sound and purpose, handled beautifully, look forward to this little man’s future career ultimately my BPIS

JD, 2, 1a

1st Bartley’s Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib

16mth brindle of a dark rich colouring, dark eye and mask, nice head planes with correct ear set,good length to neck, correct bite and good lay of shoulder with angles, spring of rib and strong loin, nice tight toes , moved well covering the floor

YD, 1

Birch’s Busdan Ziva’s Terzo

Blue boy of 20 mths head planes ok light eye, good ear set and enough drop of lip, was abit lacking in the front, shoulders ok, could of done with a bit more spring of rib and length to ribs good topline, good angles on and front and rear with adequate muscles, moved ok.

ND, 2,1a

Birch’s Busdan Zivas Terzo

PGD, 1

Waltons  Novavida Hellboy by Ravendane

2 yr old harli of good size and substance, good markings, good head planes and drop of lip, dark eye and correct ear set,  great front and lay of shoulder, good depth to his ribs, muscular throughout , tight toes, moved with ease for his size R.B.D

LD, No Entry


Burton’s  Ch Ravendane Deal Me in with Elbarevol

7yr 4mth Mantle, in great condition for his age, nice head, dark eye and correct ear set, nice neck going into correct lay of shoulders, good front and spring of rib, nice tight toes, moved well for his age covered the ground well

Open Fawn dog, 1

Cranfield’s Zefathers Ralph Lauren JW

Well when this 2 yr old walked into the ring he just screams masculinity, he is a nice rich fawn with a dark mask and eyes, excellent front, with lay of shoulder into a great spring of rib, he is muscular all In the right places, lovely tight toes, level topline with a great croup he moved with ease and covered the ground well, just what I liKe , a nice strong male ultimately my BD and BIS

O Brindle Dog, 1 

Bartley’s Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib

Open Blue Dog, 3, 1a

Ferguson’s  Elitedaimos Magik Mago at Chateaudain

1st 2 ½yr substantial male with correct head and drop of lip, nice ear placement, light in eye, good muscular neck into shoulders, correct shoulder lay, level topline, great angles both front and rear, muscular throughout moved well with a good stride

2nd Birch’s  Busdan Zivas Terzo

Open Black Dog, 1 

Macdonald’s   Zeus Nero Von Adamantium of Ranaldane( IMP DEU) IR, JUN,CH, CEN, JW

2 ½yr beautiful head with nice dark eyes and correct ear set, good length to neck with a strong front, nice tight toes, good shoulder lay and level topline, muscular throughout, good spring of rib and correct angulation moved well


Open Harli Dog

1st Walton’s  Novavivda Hellboy by Ravendane

Previously won PG

2nd Pocock’s  Nordic Giants Leopold at Tamzdane ( IMP NOR)

2 ½ yr substantial boy with good strong front, good head planes and correct ear set with dark eye, tight toes, slightly heavier then 1, with a good spring of rib and level topline, eventhough heavier then 1 he moved with drive around the ring covering the ground well

Open Mantle Dog, 1
Pocock’s Ch  Tamzdane Empower Mint CH/LUX/SWISS JW

2 ½yr of good markings, nice strong male, good head and dark eye, strong neck into good lay of shoulders, tight feet, good spring of rib, level topline, good angles both front and rear moved well

Open Dog, 1

Martin’s Keishant Zeus

4 yr old Fawn of nice rich colouring with a dark mask, substantial in size, has a great head with dark eyes and correct ear set, strong neck going into good lay of shoulder, good front with good depth to his chest and spring of rib, level topline, muscular throughout, great angles both front and rear, moved with well with a good stride



Teese & Walton’s  Primus Belle Star (AI)

6mth & 2wk of a nice golden fawn colour with a rich dark mask, beautiful head with dark eye, good front for her age with substantial bone, nice tight toes, good spring of rib and level topline, moved well for her age look forward to watching this beautiful young lady in the future, she’s full of character and happiness and she made her handler work but she enjoyed her time in the ring


PB, 3, 1a

Tempest’s  Adoreadane May West (AI)

1st 9mth nicely marked harli with nice head planes and correct ear placement, lovely neck which flows into good shoulder placement, good front and depth to ribs, level top line, great angles both front and rear, moved well

2nd Hayter’s  Damarkann Secret Dare with Stevarah 

10 mth mantle of good marking’s, not the biggest but with time I’m sure she will come on, correct angles, moved with drive, nice tight toes with short nail’s all round.

JB, 1

Pocock’s  Tamzdane Appley Ever After

13 mth lightly marked harli with a beautiful soft expression, feminine head with good ear placement, enough drop of lip , slender neck into good shoulder lay, great front and spring of rib, level topline, great angles on both front and rear, moved around the ring with elegance

YB, 2

Cranfield’s  Zefathers Kind of Magic JW

Fawn of 20 mths, lovely colouring and dark mask, dark eye, beautiful head planes, correct ear placement, tight toes, good front coverage with nice depth to chest, level topline, angles from front and rear good, moved out well

2nd Bliss Stagbatch  Hi De Hi

Harli of 20 mths, good markings with a feminine head, head planes and ear set good, nice length to neck into good shoulder placement, level top line, tight toes, great angles on both the front and rear, moved well.

NB 0

PGB, 2,1a

Pocock’s  Tamzdane Apple Ever After

Previously won JB

LB, 5, 2a

Harrison’s  Rioco My One and Only to Jasnettdanes JW

1st Stunning fawn of 2 yrs a beautiful golden colour with dark mask and eyes,a very feminine head and neck, correct bite and ear set, great front with good depth to chest, tight toes, spring of rib and level topline, muscular throughout, great angles both front and rear, moved with ease and covered the ground well R.B.B

2nd, Martin’s  Keishant Athena

2 ½ fawn nice golden colouring as well with a dark mask and eyes, good head planes, goodears with a lovely neck with a great front, tight toes, good depth to chest, angles both front and rear good, moved well


SP Vet B

Tempest’s CH Adoreadane Just the Ticket

Nicely marked harli of nearly 8 yrs of age, very feminine head, good ear set, enough drop of lip, good depth to her chest with a level topline, well muscled throughout for her age, moved well covering the ground and made use of the ring B.V

Open Fawn B No Entry

Open Brindle B No Entry

Open Blue B

Hayter’s  Taysca Stele Mici with Stevarah

18 mth pretty bitch with good head planes and ears, light in eye, good front with depth to her ribs and chest, nice tight toes, level topline, well muscled, good angles both front and rear, moved well around the ring


Open Black B No Entry

Open Harli B, 2 

1st Pocock’s Tamzdane Bananas on the Rum

2 ½yr lovely marked harli with a soft expression, nice dark eyes, correct head and ear placement, lovely front with a good depth to her ribs and chest, nice tight toes, level topline and well muscled throughout , moved with ease around the ring  R.B.I.S  B.O.S

2nd, Bliss Stagbatch Hi De Hi 

Previously in yearling


Open Mantle B, 1

Hayter’s  Damarkann Raydiance with Stevarah

3 ½ yr good marked mantle, beautiful head and dark eyes, correct ear set, great angles on both front and rear, good spring of rib and depth of chest, level topline, moved out well

Open Bitch, 3, 1a

Fletcher CH Justinian Bea my Sweetheart 

2 ½ yr beautiful fawn of good golden colouring and of good size and substance, correct head with a dark mask and eyes, ears good placement, good depth to her chest and spring of rib, good shoulder lay with a level topline, muscled throughout, moved with ease

2nd Martin’s Keishant Venus

Another beautiful 4 yr old fawn of rich colouring, again a nice dark mask and eyes, correct ear placement, nice tight toes, good spring of rib and depth too her chest, angles good on both front and rear, moved well



Donna Shadbolt

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