Open Show 2016 Judges Report

by Mary Walsh

Minor Puppy Dog

1st 9 – Bollons’ BANDWAR FOR ACES HIGH - 6 month old pup. Nice eyes, good chest, needs more angulation, Overall a nice pup, just needs time.

Junior Dog

1st 35 – Ryan & George’s KERIKANE’S KING OF THE THRONE - Young dog, developing well, nicely constructed with balance. Light in head for me.

2nd 14 - Donnelly’s PRIMUS BREAKIN NEWS – Another young dog, developing. A bit proud in front, nice eyes, good expression, good angulations with good length of leg.

Yearling Dog

1st 1 - Battersby & Willimas’ JILKDADANES INVICTUS OF INTERNOS (AI) –Nice dark eyes, front a bit splayed. Good topline but falling away slightly on the rear. Moved well. Would prefer more length in head.

2nd 10 Cranfield’s ZEFATHER’S HEARTBREAKER – Nice blue dog. Good chest. Sidetracks.

Novice Dog

1st 23 - McDonnell’s KIERKANE’S INTRODUCTION TO TRIJONDANE – 16 Month old Fawn dog, very sweet dog with good head planes, nice make and shape overall, nice dark eyes.

2nd 8 - Bollons’ DAY SUE BORN READY – 2.5 year old Harlequin boy. Good size and substance. Prefer better head planes.

Limit Dog

1st 44 - Stevens & Squires’ CARRANISLE MASKED MONSIEUR AT TABORDANE - Nice dog, chest a little proud. Big dog overall with nice dark eyes. Well-muscled behind. Moved well though would prefer more tuck up

Special Veteran Dog

1st 49 - Waring’s RAVENDANE EQUINOX AT ELLEYENDA - Mantle dog - well constructed dog which moved well. Good length of neck, nice rear and legs nicely dropped down in rear. Nice angles. One of the nicest dogs on the day though would prefer a little more height.

2nd 37 - Seddon’s CH TENAYA COMANCHE WAR LORD – Fawn Dog – Nice head-planes with lovely ear carriage. Nice rear and moved well. Nicely muscled behind. Though over-loaded in front, and would prefer more neck

Special Open Fawn Dog

1st 44 See Limit Dog

Special Open Brindle Dog

1st 16 - Harrison’s DROOLAKISS RE ATTRACTION VIA EMANEAZ– Nice dark eye, lovely teeth, very nice brindle markings. Chest nicely dropped. Lacked drive. Front feet looked swollen

Special Open Blue Dog

1st 33 - Price’s LEAMAP CHIVAS REAGL JW - Lovely chest, nice head planes, nice bone, good ear carriage. Nice rear. Lovely movement. Good solid dog with nice long neck and good tuck up. Handled well. Little light in eye. Reserve Best Dog - didn’t move as well in the challenge for best dog.

Special Open Black Dog

1st 18 - Harrison’s LEAMAP STRONGBOW AT JASNETTDANES – Lovely rich black colour. Nice chest. Played on the move. Good topline but proud of his tail.

2nd 28 - Pepper’s DANEMOOR BLACK WATCHE FOR SARAWEN– Nice young dog, nice tail-set, good body. Good construction and nice rear. Side tracked though a good quality dog overall.

Special Open Harlequin Dog

1st 40 - Shadbolt’s AKURA FINAL FRONTIER – Nicely marked harlequin boy. Good chest. Nicely made with good angulation. Lacking in muscle behind with is a pity as therefore lacked drive.

Special Open Mantle Dog

1st 49 – See Special Veteran

Open Dog

1st 38 - Seddon’s CHEROKEE LONE WOLF- Fawn Dog – Nice strong fawn dog. Good chest, dark eye. Lovely construction. Little lacking in drive today. Good topline. Good head planes. Deserving of Best Dog overall.

2nd 30 - Pepper’s CH LEAMAP BLACK SABBATH WITN SARAWEN - Nice black dog. Good teeth. Well made and moved well. Good topline and tuck up.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st 47 - Tempest’s ADOREADANE JUST THE TICKET - Harlequin 8 month old pup – Sweet girl. Good bone and weight. Good chest. Rolled a little on the move but no problem at this age. Nice feet, and good angles. Overall Best Puppy.

2nd 5 - Black’s BANDWAR TAYLOR MADE– 6 month old black. Nice girl though a little shy. Moved nicely. Nice topline and good tail-set. Lovely cat feet.

Puppy Bitch

1st 26 - Newton’s STPIRAN VELOCETTE AT SHLARRA – Very pretty fawn girl with good head planes and nice dark eyes. Little high in rear at the moment and straight in shoulder. Moved well

Junior Bitch

1st 13 - Donnelly’s GARSAK CITY OF ANGELS AT PRIMUS -Superb fawn girl. Lovely construction and very nicely made overall, nice rear. Moved very well. Nice head planes. Was well deserving of overall Best Bitch and Best in Show.

2nd 12 - Crofts’ WANDERHUND STRIPTEASE AT DOUNTWELL - Elegant Harlequin girl. Moved nicely, good colour. A little timid and needs practice but could turn out nicely. A little underweight today also.

Yearling Bitch

1st 27 - Park’s RAYJEN ACES HIGH JW - Nicely made blue bitch. Good teeth, moved well. Little heavy but good bred type. Would prefer longer head.

2nd 21 - Lawson & Hunter’s DROOLAKISS GOLD N’ GLAMOUR - Confident fawn bitch – Nice head though a little round in skull. Little straight in shoulder. Would prefer more rear angulation.

Novice Bitch

1st 41 - Simpon’s RENESCENT IT’S HAMMER TIME - Blue – Good forechest, nice feet. Stands nicely. Good ouline though little high behind. Nice typey bitc, moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st 45 - Stevens & Squires’ JACQUKIR STRIKE A POSE AT TABORDANE - Very nicely made harle girl, nice long neck. Ears too large for head. Nails too long , weak behind and did not move well

Limit Bitch

1st 4 - Bishton’s PAPER MOONS HEAVY FUEL TO JAYDANIA (IMP NOR) - 2 year old light fawn girl. Topline held nicely on the move. Substantial girl but still some elegance. Sweet expression, nice teeth.

2nd 25 - Newton’s BYCOSDUCOS SUMMER TIME ART SHLARRA ShCM – Rich red fawn. Good expression and nice dark eye. Good head planes and earset. A little straight in shoulder. Would prefer more freedom on the move.

Special Veteran

1st 11 - Cranfield’s NL CH ZEFATHER’S TOTAL MINDED ShCM - Nicely conditioned fawn girl. Little overloaded in front though nice angles and head planes. Overall nice girl with lovely dark eyes and good dentition.

Special Open Brindle

1st 22 - Lawson & Hunter’s DROOLAKISS KERFUFFLE – Nice brindle colour, nice dark eye, good head planes and ear-set. Heavy girl with no tuck up and overloaded in front. Did not move well

Special Open Blub Bitch

1st 34 - Price’s LEAMAP IRON MAIDEN JW – Well constructed girl with a very nice outline. Moved around the ring nicely.

2nd 27 – see yearling bitch

Special Open Black Bitch

1st 15 – Giedraityte’s LA TOYA JACKSON ARCANO - Good black colour, decent head planes. Held topline well on the move. Little straight in shoulder but nice girl overall.

2nd 31 – Pepper’s LEMAPA BLACK CAVIAR AT SARAWEN - Heavy girl with good black colour. Would prefer cleaner head planes. Carrying too much weight today so losing topline.

Special Open Harlequin Bitch

1st 19 – Kelleway’s JAEMLUK’S DANNIE OF CLUNTON - Good head planes, nice front and rear. Strong girl with enough elegance. Would prefer tighter bite.

2nd 45 See post-graduate bitch

Special Open Mantle Bitch

1st 50 – Waring’s RAVENDANE QUEEN OF DARKNESS FOR ELEEYENDA - Perfectly marked mantle girl. Good structure and nice substance. Would prefer more neck. Overall a nice girl though lacked drive

Open Bitch

1st 50 See Special Open Mantle Bitch

2nd 6 – Black’s LUKYMA ATHENA NY BANDWAR ShCM - Light harlequin bitch with nice markings. Would prefer more chest. Would prefer more substance overall. Lacked drive on the move.


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