Open show 2022 results

The SWGDC Open Show 2022 took place on Sunday 13th November.

Judge: breed specialist Sarah Richardson


Open show results

MPD 3 (2a)
1st Newtons  Shlarra Impulse Voyager

PD 3 (2a)
1st Cranfield’s   Zefather’s Ralph Lauren

JD 3 (1a)
1st Fergusons  Elitedaimos Magick Mago at Chateaudain
2nd Pitter’s  Keirkanes Royal Emperer

YD 2 
1st Allison & Liddell’s   Loretosmoorikin By Gretadane
2nd Hitcham’s  Dainoak Tempus Vincit

ND 2 
1st McGowans   Kinnegans I Walk The Line At Penmarlam
2nd McDonnells  Keirkanes Renaissance

PGD no entries

LD 3 (1a)
1st Martins   Keishant Zeus
2nd Jacques & Kirby  Jacqukir No Regrets

Special Veteran 2 (1a)
1st Burton’s  CH Ravendane Deal Me In with Elbarevol

Open Fawn Dog 1
1st Cunningham & Gilbert’s   Lomondane Chuffed Tae Bits

Open Brindle Dog 1
1st Dyson’s   CH Samdice Nobidy Does It Betta

Open Blue Dog 3 (1a)
1st Mackenzie’s  Carsan Vincent
2nd Ferguson’s  Elitedaimos Magick Mago at Chateaudain

Open Black Dog no entries

Open Harlequin Dog 1
1st Hitcham’s   Dainoak Tempus Vincit

Open Mantle Dog 3 (2a)
1st Burtons   CH Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol

Open Dog 3
1st Hogarth’s    CH Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw
2nd Cunningham & Gilbert’s  Lomondane Chuffed Tae Bits
3rd Dyson’s   CH Samdice Nobody Does It Betta

Best Dog 
Hogarth’s   CH Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw
Reserve Best Dog
Cunningham & Gilbert’s   Lomondane Chuffed Tae Bits
Best Puppy Dog 
Cranfield’s   Zefather’s Ralph Lauren 

MPB. No entries

PB 4 (2a)
1st Harrison’s   Rioco My One And Only
2nd withdrawn

JB 2 (1a)
1st Martin’s    Keishant Athena

YB 4 (1a)
1st Cranfield’s   Zefather’s Rumour Has It
2nd Jones’s   Jacqukir Time For Change
3rd Newton’s   Shlarra Some Kind of Miracle

NB 5 (3a)
1st White’s   X-foots Dagas Hildur at Taradanes
2nd Laidlaw’s    Zefather’s Glamour Girl Kantalar

PGB 2 (1a)
1st Pocock’s  Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum

LB 3 (1a)
1st Morgan Evans   Vanmore Magic Spell
2nd Martin’s   Keishant Venus

Special Veteran Bitch no entries

Open Fawn bitch 4 (2a)
1st Mclellans    CH Jutlanders Bat Out Of Hell to Anadain 
2nd Windmill’s  Murrayvhale Miz Congenial

Open Brindle Bitch 2
1st Morgan’s   Rimor Athena’s Kyss
2nd Ingram’s   Zwiebelchen In Flagranti with Dainmajik

Open Blue Bitch 2 (1a)
1st Mackenzie’s    Carsan Savanna

Open Black Bitch 1 (1a)

Open Harlequin Bitch 2 
1st  Pocock’s  Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum
2nd Ingram’s    Gracia Vom Dwergter Sand of Dainmajik

Open Mantle Bitch 1
1st Hayter’s  Damarkann Raydiance With Stevarah

Best Bitch 
Morgan Evans   Vanmore Magic Spell
Reserve Best Bitch 
Cranfield’s   Zefather’s Rumour Has It
Best Puppy Bitch
Harrison’s   Rioco My One and Only

Best In Show
Morgan Evans  Vanmore Magic Spell

Reserve Best In Show
Cranfield’s   Zefather’s Rumour Has It

Best Opposite Sex
Hogarth’s   CH Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw

Best Puppy In Show
Cranfield’s   Zefather’s Ralph Lauren

Judges Critique:

South Western Great Dane Club Open Show

Sunday 13th November 2022

I was delighted to be asked to judge the South Western Great Dane Club Open Show, my first in its entirety, at their new venue in Cirencester. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and would like to offer my sincere thanks to the committee for the invitation and to the exhibitors for supporting me by entering their dogs. 

My appointment was in equal measure disappointing and exhilarating. So much poor angulation, lots of loose elbows, toeing in and cow hocks. I freely admit I prefer a more elegant type of Dane but even I struggled with the lack of bone in some. The lack of length of leg in the breed at the moment, for me, alters the entire picture and is surprisingly prevalent. 

On the flip side, when my Best In Show entered the ring I was blown away by how correct she is. Morgan-Evans’ VanmoreMagic Spell made my day, I could’ve quite easily taken her home. I thought she was just lovely.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,2) 1st Newton & Newton’s Shlarra Impulse Voyager 6 month Brindle. Raw young man, nice shape and really liked his colouring, just needs time. Presented and showed well.

Puppy Dog (3,2) 1st Cranfield’s Zefather’s Ralph Lauren 11 month Fawn with Black Mask. Liked this youngster, pleasing head and expression. Crested neck into well placed shoulders. Liked his topline and leg length to body ratios. Well angulated rear and moved well covering the ground with ease. One to watch for the future. Best Puppy in Show

Junior Dog (3,1) 1st Ferguson’s Elitedaimos Magick Mago at Chateaudain 16 month Blue. Well-schooled young dog, would prefer a bit more of him in almost all regards.  2nd Pitter’s Keirkane’s Royal Emporer 12month Fawn with Black Mask. Exuberant young man who wouldn’t cooperate with his handler at all today. 

Yearling Dog (2,0)  1st Allison & Liddell’s Loretosmoorikin by Gretadane (IMP PRT) 23month Fawn with Black Mask.  Would prefer a darker eye and slightly better angles fore and aft. Well presented.  2nd Hitcham’s Dainoak Tempus Vincit19month Harlequin. Heavily marked and too strong in head for me. Would prefer more angulation front and back.

Novice Dog (2,0)  1st McGowan’s Kinnegans I Walk The Line At Penmarlem 21 Month Fawn with Black Mask. A little unsettled today. On the smaller size for a male but all there and balanced. Liked his head, colour and presented in good condition.  2nd McDonnell’s Keirkanes Renaissance 12month Fawn with Black Mask. I noticed this is from the same litter as the 2nd in Junior. Liked his head and size, lots of maturing still to do, needs time and practice. 

Post Graduate Dog - no entries

Limit Dog (3,1)  1st Martin’s Keishant Zeus 3year old Fawn with Black Mask. Preferred his type to 2 and head proportions. Would prefer a less starey eye. 2nd Jacques & Kirby’s Jacquikir No Regrets JW Nearly 2year old Fawn with Black Mask. Preferred type and especially head proportions of 1.

Veteran Dog (2,1)  1st Burton’s Ch Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol 6 year old Mantle. Heavy all through. Well marked 

Special Open Fawn Dog (1,0)  1st Cunningham & Gilbert’s Lomondane Chuffed Tae Bits 2 year old Fawn with Black Mask. Liked his head planes, crested neck into well laid shoulders and equally good angles at the rear. Liked his shape, topline and balance. Reserve Best Dog

Special Open Brindle Dog (1,0) 1st Dyson’s Ch Samdice Nobody Does It Betta (AI) 4 year old Brindle. Well marked with nice striping. Masculine head on crested neck into good shoulders. His stride was good but a little close behind on the move today cost him in the later class. 

Special Open Blue Dog (3,1)  1st Mackenzie’s Carsan Vincent 4year old Blue. More finished than 2nd. Better shape.  2nd Ferguson’s Elitedaimos Magick Mago at Chateaudain

Special Open Black Dog No entries

Special Open Harlequin Dog (1,0) 1st Hitcham’s Dainoak Tempus Vincit

Special Open Mantle Dog (3,2)  1st Burton’s Ch Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol

Open Dog (3,0)  1st Hogarth’s Ch Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw at Sunlind (AI) (IMP USA) 4year old Fawn with Black Mask. Heavier headed than I would prefer, however, today he outmoved every other dog, showing off his balance, angulation topline and stride. Shortcoupled, good leg length to body ratios. He couldn’t be denied the class or Best Dogand Best Opposite Sex.  2nd Cunningham & Gilbert’s Lomondane Chuffed Tae Bits  3rd Dyson’s Ch SamdiceNobody Does It Betta (AI)

Minor Puppy Bitch no entries

Puppy Bitch (4,3)  1st Harrison’s Rioco My One And Only To Jasnettdanes 11month Fawn with Black Mask. Still some maturing to do, nice for shape, would prefer a tighter eye.

Junior Bitch (2,1) 1st Martin’s Keishant Athena 14month Fawn with Black Mask. Liked her overall shape, feminine head, short coupled, would like a little more bone. 

Yearling Bitch (5,1)  1st Cranfield’s Zefather’s Rumour Has It23month Fawn with Black Mask.  Liked this bitch for overall shape and feminine head. Presented and moved well. Reserve Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show  2nd Jones’ Jacquikir Time for Change 21month Fawn with Black Mask. Liked her shape and length of leg to body ratio. Feminine head. Let down by her handler. 3rd  Newton & Newton’s Shlarra Some Kind Of Miracle

Novice Bitch (5,3)  1st White’s X-Foot’s Dagas Hildur at Taradanes(IMP SWE) 13 Month Brindle. Liked her feminine head and overall shape. Liked her colour and markings also. Needs time, a little raw at the moment.  2nd Laidlaw’s Zefather’sGlamour Girl Kantalar 11month Fawn with Black Mask. Tall, rangy young lady with plenty of spirit, would prefer a little more of her. Another that needs a bit more time.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)  1st Pocock’s Tamzdane Bananas On The Run 17 month Harlequin. Beautifully presented in good condition, prettily marked. Would prefer a little less of her for me. 

Limit Bitch (3,1)  1st Morgan Evans’ Vanmore Magic Spell 2 year old Fawn with Black Mask. This young Bitch made my day! Parallel plains on a feminine head piece with a beautiful expression. Crested elegant neck into well angulated shoulders. Depth of chest giving plenty of heartroom. Correct topline into equally well angulated rear. Good length of leg to body ratios and when she wants to, floats round the ring. She’s made so well she cant put a foot wrong. Thank you for bringing her, I’d have taken her home in a heartbeat. Best Bitch, Best In Show.  2nd Martin’s Keishant Venus Just 3 year old Fawn with Black Mask. Unfortunate to meet 1st

Veteran Bitch no entries

Special Open Fawn Bitch (4,2)  1st McLellan’s Ch Jutlander’s Bat Out Of Hell To Anadain (IMP DNK) 3year old Fawn with Black Mask. Knows her job and gets on with it. Presented well.  2ndWindmill’s Murrayvhale Miz Congenial 2 year old Fawn with Black Mask. I really liked her shape and balance but she was being a diva today and gave her handler a real tough time!

Special Open Brindle Bitch (2,0)  1st Morgan’s Rimor Athena’s Kyss 17 month Dark Brindle. Liked her head, has some maturing to do but everything is where you would want it. Just needs time.  2ndIngram’s Zwiebelchen In Flagranti With Dainmajik (IMP DEU) 2½ year old Brindle. Liked her colour and striping, preferred head, front and rear of 1st.

Special Open Blue Bitch (2,1)  1st Mackenzie’s Carsan Savanna 4year old Blue. Good for colour, short coupled.

Special Open Black Bitch (1,1)

Special Open Harlequin Bitch (2,0)  1st Pocock’s Tamzdane Bananas On The Run.  2nd Ingram’s Gracia Vom Dwergter Sand of Dainmajik (IMP DEU) 21 month Harlequin. Pleasingmarkings but preferred 1st

Special Open Mantle Bitch (1,0) 1st Kelleway’s Damarkann’s Raydiancewith Stevarah 2½ year old Mantle. Nicely marked. Stands ok.Presented well 

Open Bitch no entries


Sarah Richardson

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