Championship Show 2022 Results


JUDGE; Mrs Carol Gray (Calomar)

BIS  Mosvold’s  Geordieone Torpa Stenhus

RBIS & BOS    McClellans  CH Jutlanders Bat Out Of Hell To Anadain

BPIS  Pococks  Tamzdane Empower Mint


Class 1. Minor Puppy Dog (6,2 Abs)

1st Pococks           Tamzdane Empower Mint

2nd  Lewis’             Rimor Bachet Noir Avec Axeford

3rd   Morgans        Rimor Beaumaris

4th  McDonnells  Keirkanes Renaissance

Class 2. Puppy Dog  (4,1 Abs)

1st     Morgan Evans  Vanmore My Kind of Guy

2nd     Price’s  Devorin Washington Via Leamap

3rd     Kingsley’s Nevilldown Legacy For Dainoak NAF

Class 3.   Junior Dog  (5,2 Abs)

1st       Jacqukir No Regrets

2nd     McGowans  Kinnegans I Walk The Line at Penmarlam

3rd       Dunns  Allours Bonito

Class 4. Yearling Dog  No Entries

Class 5. Novice Dog   (2)

1st   Kingsley’s Nevilldown Legacy For Dainoak NAF

2nd   Nunns   Roshanun Volare

Class 6. Post Graduate Dog  No Entries

Class 7. Limit Dog (1)

1st     Hogarth’s  Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw At Sunlind

Class 8.  Special Veteran Dog  No Entries

Class 9.  Open Fawn Dog  No Entries

Class 10  Open Brindle Dog (1)


Class 11.  Open Blue Dog  (1)

1st MacKenzies  Carsan Vincent

Class 12.  Open Black Dog  (3, 1 Abs)

1st  Simpsons Renescent Caught In a Spell

2nd  Dunns  Allours Bonito

Class 13.  Open Harlequin Dog  (2,1 Abs)

1st  Pococks   Nordic Giants Leopold at Tamzdane

Class 14.  Open Mantle Dog  (1)


Class 15  Open Dog (5, 1 Abs)

1st Mosvolds   Geordieone Torpa Stenhus

2nd  Chappells CH Selmalda Jealous Guy

3rd  Thurlbys  CH Santanna Special Legacy At Justinian

4th  Pococks   Nordic Giants Leopold at Tamzdane


DCC   Geordieone Torpa Stenhus

RDCC  Chappells CH Selmalda Jealous Guy

BPD   Pococks Tamzdane Empower Mint


Class 16.  Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2 Abs)

1st  Morgans   Rimor Boadixiya

2nd  Mackenzies  Carsan Luciana

Class 17  Puppy Bitch (3,1 Abs)

1st  Colletts  Foaldown Dark Secret

2nd  Lewis & Youngs Axeford Alsephina

Class 18  Junior Bitch (7,2Abs)

1st  Clark’s  Garsak Summer Days at Mintrex

2nd  Morgans  Rimor Athenas Kyss

3rd  Simpson’s Renescent Cream of The Crop

4th  Southgates  Malbecio Rioja

VHC Bielecka’s  Fonblanque Fontanarosa In Alegriagiant

Class 19 Yearling Bitch (2)

1st Morgan Evans  Vanmore Magic Spell

2nd  Kingsleys  Dainoak Forever in Blu Genes

Class 20  Novice Bitch (2)

1st  Middletons  Carsan Augustina

2nd  Bielecka’s Alegriagiant Per Quella

Class 21 Post Graduate Bitch (4, 1 Abs)

1st  Colletts  Foaldown A Real Diamond

2nd  Middletons  Dornoir Sinead

3rd  Joaquin’s  Droolakiss Pretty In Pink

Class 22.  Limit Bitch (4, 1 Abs)

1st  Armour & Hooker’s Thistledane Game Changer

2nd  Jacobs  Vanmore She’s All That at Kazabbie

3rd  McGowans  Shlarra Picture Perfect at Penmarlam

Class 23.  Special Veteran Bitch (1)


Class 24. Open Fawn Bitch (1)


Class 25. Open Brindle Bitch

No Entries

Class 26. Open Blue Bitch (3,1 abs)

1st Kingsleys  Dainoak Agent Provocateur

2nd  Mackenzies  Carsan Savanna

Class 27. Open Black Bitch (4, 1 abs)   

1st  Southgates  Malbecio Rioja

2nd Middletons  Taysca Must Be Cartier at Dornoir

3rd  Simpsons  Renescent Cream of The Crop

Class 28. Open Harlequin Bitch (4, 1 abs)

1st  Pococks  Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum

2nd Bielecka’s  Alegriagiant Per Quella

3rd  Bielecka’s Fonblanque Fontanarosa in Alegriagiant

Class 29. Open Mantle Bitch 

No entries

Class 30. Open Bitch  (6, 2 abs)

1st  McClellands  CH Jutlanders Bat Out Of Hell To Anadain

2nd  Teese’s  CH Nikami Leap Of Faith For Teesedane

3rd  Faulder & Cook’s Kierkanes Picture Perfect At Elvantiedane

4th  Chappells  CH Selmalda Oh Lori (AI)


BCC  McClellands  CH Jutlanders Bat Out Of Hell To Anadain

RBCC  Armour & Hooker’s  Thistledane Game Changer

BPB  Middletons  Carsan Augustina

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