Bath General Championship Show - South Western Great Dane Club

Single Breed Back to Back Championship Show

Tuesday 3rd August 2021


Sex – Bitches 

Minor Puppy Bitch                                           Entries 2           ABS (Nil)

1st         Bourton’s VERANO VIVACIOUS.  6-month-old Fawn, although a baby, was well built with everything tightly placed. Lovely head with sweet expression, strong hindquarters and very collected on the move for one so young.

2nd        Cranfield’s ZEFATHER’S RUMOUR HAS IT. 8-month-old Fawn. Another lovely young lady but a little long in loin and not carrying the body of 1st but still a lot to like, was not so collected on the move. 

Puppy Bitch                                                      Entries 5           ABS (1)

1st          Cranfield’s ZEFATHER’S TURNING TABLES. Another 8-month-old Fawn. Sweet expression, litter sister to 2nd in MPB, with similar outline but would have liked a little more weight, good hindquarters. Moved soundly and did well to win this class

2nd        Page’s NOVAVIDA MIST OVER PENDLE. 10-month-old Fawn. Lovely head and expression, good hindquarters. Lovely tight feet, unfortunately out of coat which spoilt outline. Moved soundly

3rd        Morgan Evans VANMORE MAGIE SMALL. Just coming up to 12-months-old, unfortunately also way out of coat, beautiful head planes, all these could easily change places anytime.


Junior Bitch                                                      Entries 5           ABS (2)

1st         Teese T.M & Teese R. NIKAMI LEAP OF FAITH FOR TEESEEDANE. A 15-month-old Fawn, one to die for. Completely well built for one so young with a lovely feminine head giving impression of being so well built. Strong hindquarters which showed as her move went soundly and was full of drive, could not take my eyes of this exhibit. I’m sure will receive Top Honours at some time.

2nd        Chappell’s SELMALDA OH LORI. 16-month-old rich Fawn. Well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said about this young lady. Which I believe is about to be confirmed as having received Top Honours, so well deserved.

3rd        Creamer handling for H.Collect. FOALDOWN A REAL DIAMOND. 16-month-old Fawn, unfortunately, uncomfortable on day which spoilt her movement but excellent shape & reminds me of the shape of her father whom I awarded his 1st ticket a few years ago

Yearling Bitch                                                   Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Novice Bitch.                                                     Entries 3           ABS (1)

1st         Kingsley’s DAINOAK FOREVER BLUE GENES. 9-month-old Blue. Nice head planes, good shoulders, and strong hindquarters. Movement was sound, a nice example of a Blue.



Graduate Bitch                                                 Entries 1           ABS (1)


Post Graduate Bitch                                         Entries 3           ABS (1)

1st         Jacob’s VANMORE SHE’S ALL THAT AT KAZABBIE. 16-month-old Fawn. Lovely feminine head, good lay of shoulders, good top line & strong hindquarters. Moved well pushed hold for Top Honours.

2nd        Kingsley’s PENELOPE VON DEN BORKENER TURNEN AT DAINOAK. Lovely substantial Harlequin, good shoulders & strong hindquarters was unlucky to meet 1st. Moved well.


Limit Bitch                                                       Entries 6           ABS (2)

1st         Morgan’s AXEFORD GEORGE GIRL OF RIMOR. 3-year-old substantial Fawn, with lovely outline, good shoulder placement and correct top line. Exhibitor need to stand away from his bitch to express her super front and top line. Correct Hindquarters, moved so well, we seriously considered for Top awards

2nd        Bliss CALCHAS YODELLA OVER STAGBATCH. Another Classic example of a well built harlequin, excelled in front and rear, would have liked a little more drive on move.

3rd        Hayter’s TAMZDANE PRETZEL PALOOZA AT BELLOUSTE. 3-year-old black, nice short coupling with strong front & rear Hindquarters. A hard class to complete in.


Special Veteran Bitch                                                   Entries 1           ABS (Nil)

1st         Waring’s RAVENDANE QUEEN OF DARKNESS FOR ELLEYENDA. 8-year-old Mantle, wonderful condition. Well built, lovely head & expressions, moved so well and looked like enjoyed her day out. Credit to Owner.

Special Open Fawn Bitch                                              Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Special Open Brindle Bitch                                           Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Special Open Black Bitch                                              Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Special Open Blue Bitch                                                 Entries 2           ABS (Nil)

1st         Kingsley’s DAINOAK AGENT PROVOCATEUR Sh CM. Approaching 5-year-old Blue, Full of substance, Good Hindquarters, not his class on movement

2nd        Mackenzie’s CARSON SAVANNA. 3-year-old Blue, nicely put together, correct head planes. Moved soundly.

Special Open Harlequin Bitch                                       Entries 2           ABS (1)

1st         Pocock’s INT CH NI CH TAMZDANE CAKE MY DAY EUDDE CH’19. Beautiful example of a lovely Harlequin, nice outline, strong head. Moved well. 

Special Open Mantle Bitch                                           Entries 1           ABS (Nil)

1st         Hayter’s DAMARKANN RAYDIANRE WITH STEVARAH. Nicely marked Mantle, well presented & moved with drive. A little heavy in the head for me.

Open Bitch                                                                   Entries 3           ABS (1)

1st         Chappell’s SELMALDA LIZA JANE. 3-year-old Rich Fawn, Nice outline & quality bitch. Moved well but a little too much drop of lip for me. Did not feel she was happy on the move.

2nd        Cranfield’s CH. ZEFATHER’S SWEET CHILD OMINE BJWNL’19 JW. Good outline, another quality bitch, could easily change places on another day and probably have.


Sex – Dogs


Minor Puppy Dog                                             Entries 3           ABS (2)

1st         Smith’s ZEFATHER’S SKYFALL.  8-month-old Fawn. Well built with good lay of shoulder, nice reach of neck, good top line and moved soundly.

Puppy Dog                                                        Entries 2           ABS (Nil)

1st         Smith’s ZEFATHER’S SKYFALL. Critique as previous class  

2nd        Ryan’s KEIRKANE’S QUEST FOR SUCCESS. 12-month-old Fawn, lighter build than 1st, a little long in loin but good lay of shoulder, long reach of neck which in profile puts outline a little out of balance. Needs to strengthen behind.

Junior Dog                                                        Entries 3           ABS (1)

1st         Chappell’s SELMALDA JEALOUS GUY (Ai). 16-month-old brindle that caught my eye with excellent make of shape. Nice head planes, good reach of neck, good lay of shoulder, strong hindquarters. Moved with drive & spring, certainly one to watch in the future.

2nd        Abbot’s NIKAMI LEAP OF ROMANCE. 15-month-old rich coloured fawn with excellent outline. Good lay of shoulder, nice top line, strong hindquarters, strong head leading into nice reach of neck. Dark eyes, moved well, was unlucky to meet 1st but again could easily change places and another that should have a bright future ahead. Pushed hard in challenge.

Yearling Dog                                                     Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Novice Dogs                                                        Entries 1           ABS (Nil)

1st         Pocock’s NORDIC GIANTS LEOPOLD AT TAMZDANE (Imp Nor). 17-month-old Harlequin, Full of substance, well, marked, string head, good reach of neck, nicely coupled. Moved well as have noticed most Danes from this kennel do. Although stood alone, was a worthy winner.

Graduate Dog                                                    Entries 1           ABS (1)


Post Graduate Dog                                           Entries 2           ABS (2)


Limit Dog                                                         Entries 3           ABS (2)

1st         Butt’s DROOLAKISS MIDAS TOUCH. 4-year-old brindle, full of substance, good lay of shoulder, strong hindquarters. A little heavy in the head for me. Moved soundly

Special Veteran Dog                                         Entries 1           ABS (1)


Special Open Fawn Dog                                     Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Special Open Brindle Dog                                 Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Special Open Black Dog                                     Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Special Open Blue Dog                                      Entries 1           ABS (Nil)

1st         Makenzie’ CARSAN VINCENT. 3-year-old blue, nice shape, lovely head planes, mice reach of neck, good lay of shoulder. Moved well        

Special Open Harlequin Dog                             Entries 0           ABS (Nil)


Special Open Mantle Dog                                 Entries 1           ABS (Nil)

1st         Burton’s RAVENDANE DEAL ME IN WITH ELBAREVOL. 5-year-old well marked mantle in excellent condition. Well bodied, everything in proportion. Head planes showing a masculine head, a little loose in flews. Although stood alone was worthy of his place.

Open Dog                                                         Entries 5           ABS (1)

1st         Morgan Evan’s VANMORE NOSEY PARKER AT CASTLEON. 4-year-old well built fawn. Lovely outline, good shoulder placement, strong well angulated hindquarters. This was a strong contender for Dog Top Honours, but I felt was carrying a little too much body which just did him no favours but a lot to like. Moved well.     

2nd        Chappell’s SELMALDA RICOCHET (Ai). 3-year-old rich red fawn. Another with plenty to like but was a little long in the loin. Great reach of neck, good shoulder placement. A strong second.

3rd        Searle’s DROOLAKISS MIDAS MURRAYVHAYLE. 4-year-old brindle, superb front construction, full of bone, nice top line. Unfortunately, exhibitor struggled to move this big boy, and this let him down on move which was a pity.


Brace                                                                   Entries 1         ABS (1)


Thank you to all the exhibitors for their kind entries. Thankfully no classes were missed during the back to back with Bath General Championship Show, even with a few problems along the way.



This exhibit made me incredibly happy with no hesitation to award top honours.  I believe this was her 2nd ticket and sincerely hope 3rd not long in being awarded.




A beautiful exhibit who pushed ticket winner hard.




Fell in love with this super Brindle Boy, although young, has everything going for him.  Delighted to be told after judging that this was his 3rd CC. Also went on to win 2nd in Working Group for Bath’s Dane Judge.  Congratulations.



Top quality fawn but no more donuts please, cost you dearly 

Best Puppy in Breed



Wishing you every success in future

Thank you once again, I so enjoyed myself. 

Judge Rosemary Lord

            3rd August 2021



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