2023 league finals show


League Finals Results

Colour League Winning Dog;  Dysons CH Samdice Nobody Does It Betta (AI)

Colour League Winning Bitch; Pococks  Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum

Overall Winner Colour League; Dysons CH Samdice Nobody Does It Betta (AI)


Premier League Dogs

1st Waltons Novavida Hellboy By Ravendane

2nd Bartleys Nikami Papa Smurf Atelib

3rd  Macdonalds  Zeus Nero von Adamantium at Raneldane


Premier League Bitches

1st Dysons Primus Bond Girl Samdice

2nd Worsley’s Primus Encore Avec Malpa

3rd Cranfield’s  Zefather’s Kind of Magic


Overall Winner Premier League

Dysons Primus Bond Girl Samdice


SuperLeague Dogs

1st Chappells CH Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI)

2nd Abbotts CH Nikami Leap of Romance

3rd Cranfields Zefather’s Ralph Lauren


Superleague Bitches

1st Clark’s CH Garsak Summer Days at Mintrex

2nd Teese’s  CH Nikami Leap of Faith For Teesedane

3rd Chappells  CH Selmalda Oh Lori (AI)


Overall Winner Superleague

Chappells CH Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI)

Judges Critique:

The South Western Great Dane Club, 41st Championship shows ‘ League Finals ‘ competition 2023.

Thank you to Carol Gray and her committee for the invite to this wonderful event, one of the best things I’ve had the pleasure of attending. I got to judge some beautiful Great Danes , always one of my heart breeds as they were my childhood/teenage dogs. Thank you to the competitors for their sportsmanship, some of my decisions I was splitting hairs. 


Colour League Dog, 

J,H & C Dyson’s, Ch. Samdice Nobody Does it Betta (AI), 

5 yr old Masculine Brindle Male. He has a clean head of good length , eyes well set , dark and oval in appearance with a lovely expression, ears correctly placed, I loved his head to neck set with a excellent arch which swept down to good shoulders , he has defined whithers with firm topline held at all times , good depth to his brisket and well develop chest, a little long in loin, he stands parallel all round and has good flat bone, he has enough turn of stifle and good length of second thigh, he carried himself proudly at all times. Overall colour league winner .


Colour League Bitch.

L & T Pocock’s Tamzdane Bananas on the Rum,  

Harlequin bitch, very feminine but with enough substance, pretty head of good type not over done, well set eye with a wonderful expression,  good ears well set, medium length neck with good arch, set well into her shoulders, firm topline and loin with slight arch, good depth to her brisket and ample chest, good sweep of stifle, enough second thigh, moved with lightness and drive which won her this class. 


Premier League Dog.

Walton’s Novavida Hellboy By Ravendale, 

Harlequin masculine male , head of good length and width not over done , he has a good length of neck which is well set to his head and flows into his well slope shoulders, good depth of brisket and defined chest he has a excellent front, elbows well under his body, firm topline, excellent flat bone,  I would prefer more turn of stifle behind, but he moved well all round and his overall type for me won him this class. 


Premier League Bitch.

Dyson’s Primus Bond Girl Samdice.  

Brindle bitch, very feminine pretty but powerful girl, loved her clean length of head , dark oval eye set well, excellent reach of neck which was set well to head with a proud arch flowing to her excellent sloped shoulders and defined withers enough depth to brisket and good forechest , elbows tucked in well and stands parallel all round, bone flat, excellent topline, slight arch to her loins, she moved well all ways and stood with a proud  bearing which made her appeal even more.Beautifully presented. Overall premier league winner.


Super League Dogs

L & A Chappell’s Ch. Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI) 

Imposing muscular but elegant Brindle Male, he has a classic head of equal breadth throughout, masculine with strength but not overdone in anyway, defined chiselling and well filled under the eye, excellent dark well set oval eyes with a excellent expression, excellent ear set , medium neck with enough reach, set into excellent muscular well sloped shoulders and elbows well under his body, excellent depth ofbrisket and forechest, defined underline, good whithers and firm topline, he has excellent flat bone of substance , stands parallel allround, tight feet, he has a fabulous sweep of stifle and good second thigh, on the move this construction comes together and even in the smaller ring and carpet he moved with a light powerful movement.  He stands with an air about him that can’t be denied, they describe the Dane to have a ‘ look of dash and dare ‘ which he has in abundance.  Beautiful Dane.  Pleased to award him. Super League Supreme Winner 


Super League Bitches

E&D Clark’s Ch. Garsak Summer Days At Mintrex.  

This was my strongest class of the day with some very quality bitches, but this beautiful fawn girl caught my eye as she swept into the ring, she had that elegance and strength about her and she didn’t disappoint when stood either. When you stand and look at her your eye just flows, and your heart melts.  

She has a classic head, so feminine but not lacking in strength, medium set dark oval eyes with a strength of expression, excellent set from her head to neck with gorgeous arch that flowed seamlessly into strong sloping shoulders with defined withers, firm level topline, slight arch to her loin, well let down brisket, excellent forechest, elbows tucked in well,parallel front, flat bone with substance, tight feet, good underline, enough turn of stifle and excellent second thigh, on the move she has a that lithe springy action required and I saw enough for her to win this class, In the challenge she was unsettled on the move still so lost out to the male . 


Judge Nicky Mackie


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